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01CDFLEX, though your beginning was humble,
yet your end will increase greatly.”

CDFLEX is a heat transfer vinyl manufacturer that started as a one-man business in December 2003. Based on solid technology, the company has grown rapidly and was incorporated in 2009. Since then, we have been awarded the ‘30-million-dollar export tower’ for our continuous annual sales growth and achieved 60 billion KRW in Sales. Although there were trials and errors in our start and the process, but we used these as the springboard of growth and development and were able to get a great response in the global markets around the world, mainly in the United States and Europe. As a global heat transfer vinyl manufacturer, our only wish is to move forward towards a higher goal that can satisfy our customers and become a company customers can fully trust.

cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers

02 “ALL-IN-ONE process of Korean HTV

From raw materials, finished goods and to your office.

  • 01

    The gross area 2342m²,
    the largest site operation among small enterprises in Korea.

  • 02

    The entire production operation, from raw material production in Icheon and the rest processes including raw material blending, extrusion, coating, slitting and packaging in Paju.

  • 03

    Domestic wholesale and retail business management via CDFLEX Dongdaemoon store.

  • 04

    Heat transfer vinyl brand marketing and reflection on end-user feedback via CDFLEX workshop.

  • 05

    Scheduled to launch overseas branch in the states, aggressive local sales are available with local partners.

cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers


For almost 20 years, We've been in the heat transfer vinyl industry and have built solid relationships with our partners one by one.
Our partners have become a country and then a continent.
Now, we are here holding our partners' hands all around the world and it became 6 continents.
It is not just heat transfer vinyl, we also bring culture. Not only to the continents, but also to your front door.

  • cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • North America
  • Central and south america
cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers


  • 2021.
    CD FLEX workshop launch in Goyang city
  • 2020.
    Business office launch in Goyang city
  • 2019.
    Paju factory relocation & enlargement,
    Icheon factory acquisition
  • 2018.
    Dongdaemoon store launch
  • 2015.
    CD FLEX R&D Center establishment
  • 2012.
    Awarded the president prize
    from Myung-bak Lee
  • 2009.
    Corporation establishment
  • 2003.
    Individual business establishment


  • 2016.
    DEC Trade day, awarded 30-million-dollar
    export tower
  • 2014.
    DEC Trade day, awarded 20-million-dollar
    export tower
  • 2012.
    DEC Trade day, awarded 10-million-dollar
    export tower
  • 2011.
    NOV Trade day, awarded 5-million-dollar
    export tower
  • 2010.
    NOV Trade day, awarded 3-million-dollar
    export tower
  • 2009.
    DEC Trade day, awarded 1-million-dollar
    export tower
cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers


  • cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers
  • cdflex,heat transfer vinyl suppliers